Tuesday, May 15, 2012

And High On Summer Time

Some bullet points for your Tuesday afternoon:

  • I thoroughly enjoy coaching the little league team.  Wish I didn't have to drive all the way down to Spanish Fork twice a week for it, but they're good kids and they like to play the game, so it's worth it.  We're 2-0 heading into this week's games and pretty stoked about it.  Came back from a 4 run, last inning deficit to win our first game, and put up a lot of runs to win the second game in a rout.  All the kids have fun, and seem to be improving, so it makes for a fun time.  And it gives me an excuse to be on a baseball field 2-3 times a week.
  • While I'm on baseball, and I'm going to be for a while, so you might want to skip down if you don't care about baseball, I despise Will Ohman.  He's a pitcher for the White Sox, and I'm not sure why they keep giving him the ball.  I was watching a game, and we were up by 2 I think in the seventh inning.  They bring in Ohman, and I turn the game off.  The Wife asked me why, and I told her, "If Ohman is in, we're going to lose the game.  It always happens."  Sure enough, we lost that game.  Is he really the last left handed pitcher left in the free world?  I'll take just about anyone else over him.  Oh, and he decided to give up four more runs today in a tied ball game.  I loathe this man.
  • On the upside, Adam Dunn remembered to be Adam Dunn this year.  All of his numbers are above career averages and it makes sense that he's getting paid $14 million this year.  Last year, $1.4 million would still have been grossly overpaying him.
  • This weekend also kicks off the summer travel season for The Wife and me.  We make a trip to Idaho Falls this weekend to visit her family.  Next weekend, it's a roadtrip down to California to see the area and figure out where we want to relocate.  The weekend after that it's a trip to Denver, mostly to celebrate our birthday, but also to catch a Rockies game, the lone stadium west of Texas that I have not been to.  I'm excited for all this, but it does make us a bit nomadic.  I'm meeting with my Elder's Quorum president tonight, and I don't know how to tell him "we'll be in the ward boundaries for the next two months, but only show up to church three more times."  In our defense, they haven't read our records in after over a month, so I don't think they've made plans around us being there.
  • Selling a car is harder than buying a car.  I guess when you're the one giving up the cash, there are more people ready to receive than vice versa.  We listed The Wife's old car earlier this week, as we've already bought her new car (a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee) and now have three cars for two drivers.  So far, haven't had any inquiries.  Figure we'll see what turns out during the next week and a half, and then adjust the price accordingly.
  • Been watching a lot of "Friends" recently. The Wife loves it and owns the collector's box set of the series, so we've been watching a couple episode a night before bed.  One, that show is pretty funny. Two, they emasculated Chandler the moment he and Monica became an item.  Three, I still don't like Phoebe as a character, but realize she's necessary because her story line is never dramatic, so it always provides the necessary levity to keep the show from becoming a soap opera. Four, I hate that theme song now, and the fact that I know that is was done by The Rembrandts.  Five, I love the Monica "I know!" almost as much as just about anything Joey says.
  • It's finally starting to get warm, and I love it.


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britrussl said...

What? Your trip to St. Louis didn't make the itinerary in the blog? Good thing my excitement over you finally posting again is bubbling over; otherwise, I'd have to chide you about that.